The Michigan Folk School

The Michigan Folk School is located near Ann Arbor, Michigan on the Staebler Farm County Park. They offer different classes about the art of homesteading from folk arts to food production. By offering these classes, the Michigan Folk School hopes to help people have a better understanding about how to care for both the forests and the farmland for future generations to come.

Michigan Folk School Copper Logo.jpg
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Michigan Folk School Copper Logo.jpg

The logo in different possible texture situations along with an alternative stacking of the logo.


The Michigan Folk School Logo Design

Client: the Michigan Folk School

Concept: In this project I created a new logo design for the Michigan Folk School that uses both the themes of preservation of forest and farmland. This logo was modeled off of the historic Staebler Farmhouse located on the site with trees in the background. This brings forth both elements of the farmland and forests that the Michigan Folk School wants to protect. In addition, the font was carefully placed to create a strong hierarchy in the overall design that brings the words ‘Folk School’ to the forefront of the logo. This pairs nicely with the font, Alice Regular, which has soft rounded curves and is overall very eclectic. This harkens back to the days of late 1800s but still fits comfortably in the modern day without going stale.

Description: Logo

Software: Illustrator