Fossil Walk:

The Fossil Walk is a 1-mile course designed for families with young children. Families were encouraged to stop at several tents along the path and learn about rocks and fossils. They are given buckets with shovels to collect different treasures they could find in rock piles located next to the tents. After visiting a tent the children would have their Passport stamped before moving on to the next tent on the route. The Fossil Walk Passport is a pocket sized booklet that has different sections that covers the themes discussed at their corresponding tents. The text was proved by the different organizations that ran the tent other than the introduction section which was written by Emily Phillips. To see how much the children had learned the booklet contained question and answer sections that children could fill out to see how much they had learned. Unique illustrations were also custom made for the Passport.

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Fossil Walk Volunteer T-Shirt 2.jpg

The back and front of T-Shirts provided to volunteers who worked the different tents set up along the Fossil Walk route.


Fossil Walk Passport & T-Shirt

Client: The Friends of the South Rockwood Library & Great Lakes Aggregates

Concept: To create a booklet that would help teach children about rocks and fossils that would reinforce concepts learned at the different tents they visited as they moved around the Fossil Walk course. T-Shirts were also specially made for the volunteers who operated the tents along the course.

Description: Booklet with illustrations and T-Shirt design.

Discipline: Publication and Apparel Design

Testimonial: β€œThe Friends of the South Rockwood Library had the pleasure of working with Emily Phillips as a graphic designer for several projects during the summer of 2018. As a Board Member and the President of the Friends of the South Rockwood Library, I worked closely with Emily as her primary contact for our organization. Ms. Phillips showed a deep knowledge of the design process, created several key designs for our events under a deadline, and had excellent communication skills throughout the process.

Without a doubt, the Friends of the South Rockwood Library would recommend Emily Phillips as a professional graphic designer with the highest confidence and without reservation.”

Kerry Guiliano
President, Friends of the South Rockwood Library