Saginaw Valley State University Honor’s Thesis Project: White Horse Inn Rebranding

White Horse Inn is one of the oldest restaurants in the state of Michigan. It uses a warm color scheme throughout the building as well as harking back to the fox hunting days and stagecoach era. The idea of this project was to link these ideas with a modern twist.


Logo redesign, identity, and menus


Wine bottles and wine tags that used custom made linoleum block prints for the final design


Honor's Thesis Project: White Horse Inn Rebranding

Client: Honor’s Thesis Project

Concept: The White Horse Inn wanted to be professionally rebranded in a way that created a more sophisticated approach to fine dining with a rustic 1820s atmosphere. In addition, White Horse Inn needed label designs and an advertisement campaign for its new private label wines.

Description: New Logo design, lunch, dinner, and drink menus, a new private label wines, and new identity branding.

Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign