In the American Grain Beer Labels 

Designs for the three newest labels for In the American Grain Brewing. Merry Bells, British Bastard, and Chocolate Maple Porter. Proudly brewed in Midland, Michigan


An India Pale Ale stored to the peak of perfection. THe story begins with the mixture of British and American toasted maults. This is what gives British Bastard its unique flavor. Be sure to pay attention for the citrus undertones


Made with only the freshest of ingredients, Merry Bells is a delicious winter warmer. Notice the subtle taste of bitter orange peel, giner, zest of fresh lemons, and cracked coriander seeds. It is a strong winter warmer that is good for rich meals


Thick, rich, creamy, and just a little sweet, our Chocolate Maple Porter gets its dark chocolate flavor from a handful of Chocolate Malt. The addition of maple syrup at the end of the boil makes for a smooth and creamy flavor


In the American Grain Beer Labels

Client: In the American Grain

Concept: Design new packaging and labels that emphasis the fact that this brand offers craft beers with the freshest ingredients and pays special attention to details in the beer making process.

Description: Three 12 oz. labels and three four pack cases made for British Bastard, Chocolate Maple Porter, and Merry Bells craft beers. 

Software: Illustrator 

Testimonal: In 2016, Emily Phillips completed a craft beer package and label concept for 3 of the craft beers we make at All Grain Ales which we chose as a winner, based on various criteria presented to the candidate pool. We asked the artists to include strong brand recognition across beer styles, to infuse a natural color palette reflective of the organic ingredients, to leave room for informative labeling data points and copy, and to present 'gender-neutral' appeal. Her work illustrates her competence as a designer and creates excellent first (and second) impressions that more than met our expectations for our newest brews at the time.

Daniel Tyger -