Greater Midland

Using bright, saturated colors this poster design is made to pop. Multiple photographs are also used to show the diverse Midland population that go to Greater Midland Gym. This is accomplished through the hexagonal patterns that are incorporated in the design.


These TV advertisements are set up as a 1200x628px PNG file. The Greater Midland design is created to be easily transferred from a vertical layout into a horizontal one.


Containing 5 color spreads this booklet is a great gift to give to your deluxe Greater Midland members. Inside there are 10 gym tips for both beginner and expert workout enthusiasts alike.


Greater Midland Publication Design

Client: Greater Midland

Concept: Greater Midland wanted an advertisement design that could be placed around the workout facility. It is meant to inspire and encourage members to workout to the best of their abilities by using fun motivational “I Pledge” quotes taken from actual members of the gym. This fresh layout allows viewers to see multiple images of people working out at Greater Midland Community Center and Greater Midland North-End Fitness Center.

Description: Five 11x17 inch posters, five idenitical 8.5x10 inch flyers, hexagonal card handouts, 1200x628 px TV screen advertisements, and a Gym Tips Booklet.

Discipline: Publication Design